Invest in the top performing Mutual Funds in the Philippines

This is an actively managed portfolio of selected stocks . with strong balance sheets and attractive valuations. Its goal is to provide growth through long-term capital appreciation. It is an ideal investment for investors seeking high growth with high risk.

Inception Date September 25, 2005
Type Equity Mutual Fund
Investment Objective Long-term capital growth
Investment Universe Stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange
Risk Profile Agressive
Minimium Investment Amounts Initial Investment: P5,000 Additional Investment: P1,000

Sales Load Fee

Investment AmountRate
1,000 to 99,999 2.00%
100,000 to 499,999 1.50%
500,000 to 1,999,999 1.00%
2,000,000 and above 0.50%

Exit Fee

First (6) months 1.00%

Management Fee

Annual Fee 1.875%